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Ericka Torres is someone you should know. She is an insightful/GenX writer at and her blog was voted top financial blog by! It seems you have to learn everything through trial and error but, Erika gives you unique and easy to follow tips I wish I would have known starting out. Without further ado, here are the interview questions with the…

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$800 Emergency!! Creating a “curve” account brings Zen!


NC in the summer and my A/C starts blowing hot air. Really?! That’s not going to work. So, I drop off the car and get my first call from the mechanic two hours later. My car won’t pass the state inspection unless I get new tires. Great-new tires vs. no car!?! I give the mechanic approval to replace the Freon, attach four new tires, and run the state inspection. My $100 Freon bill quickly…

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I WON! Kayla was chosen as the winner of the Deanna doll at Boomers Stadium sponsored Cancer Relay for Life. We are so happy for her and know she will enjoy our realistic positive role model doll. #college #cancerrelay #creativeplay #boomer #boomerica #csd #clt #startupnation #summer #contest #doll #dolls #futuredoll #financialliteracy #playinchicago #rolemodel #realistic #relayforlife #toys #women

Deanna reads Every Penny Counts a beautifully illustrated book about little girl Penny who is given a new doll and explores the CSD website for more fun activities. The Deanna or Jessica dolls purchased at comes with a booklet. Order one today and start your journey into the future! #dolls #futuredoll #financialliteracy #bodyimage #csd #chicago #education #healthy #party #positve #rolemodel #realistic #toys #women

Tattoo’s on your doll you want off?! How to remove pen/marker/dirt stains from your dolls skin.

Did you try to update your dolls look by adding new make-up or draw-on jewelry? Or do you drag your friend everywhere, even to the playground? Try these easy steps to get her back to a fresh from the box pal in no time.


You will need:

Plastic Wrap

Oxy 10



Marked-up dolly


Step: 1

Lay her on a table outside in the sun and cover her hair so, it doesn’t fade or frizz.

oxy 1



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Winners announced at Boomers Stadium Relay for Life!

College Savings Dolls Winners of Jessica and Deanna Dolls!!

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August 1, 2014  the Boomer’s Stadium in Schaumburg, IL was filled with teams of runners and walkers all raising awareness & money to help researchers find a cancer cure in our lifetime. As a cancer survivor, it warmed my heart to have so many people giving up their time to help people they would never know or even meet.

Patty got to speak with so many wonderful people who loved the concept of…

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