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Help us make Dreams Come True! Vote for realistic positive role model dolls for a little girls!!


My girlfriend saw this sign at a life coaching event she just attended. Sooo true!! #futuredoll #smallbusiness #SBS #money #finance #bodyimage #chitag #csd #college #doll #entrepreneur #play #rolemodel

business for kids teach entrepreneurial/math/marketing/bugeting skills


It is still in the upper 80’s here in NC right now-perfect lemonade stand weather. My husband and I were driving toward our Saturday lunch out treat at Red Robin and passed a sweet little girl and boy with their parents sitting outside a very high traveled main street. They had picked the perfect spot to flag passing motorists and the professional signage on the stand was so bright and inviting,…

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How to make a doll sleeping bag; the cheap & cheater way!!


Playing all day makes any doll tired!!! Or pretend your doll has been invited to sleepover, is bunking down in a college dorm room, or is camping outside or, or, or!

When it is that time-make her comfortable, take a trip to your local craft store and see what kind of scrap material is in the bargain bin. I found this soft flannel material for $0.67!




Scrap material


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Erika Torres pic

Ericka Torres is someone you should know. She is an insightful/GenX writer at and her blog was voted top financial blog by! It seems you have to learn everything through trial and error but, Erika gives you unique and easy to follow tips I wish I would have known starting out. Without further ado, here are the interview questions with the…

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