Be a HERO in your child’s eyes but, eliminate the stress of actually crafting!

Are you a wanna be crafter but hate to craft? Cheater Doll Pillows are perfect for you!

the craft rascal 2

This project is for you if:

  • the thought of crafting stresses you out.
  • you don’t like to sit and concentrate on one task for hours.
  • you see More than 5 steps are needed & quit reading.
  • you want that feeling of accomplishment and admiration. (But not be exhausted & cranky)
  • you can’t finish the project in one sitting. (Including drying/painting/sewing time)

Items Needed:

  1. 5 x 6 or whatever size…

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Come see the Jessica and Deanna dolls in person, Friday August 1st at the Schaumburg Flyers stadium, Schaumburg,IL futuredoll #dolls #finance #cancerrelay #flyers #csd

I’m a #futuredoll!!! Join my friends Jessica and Deanna as we all create a positive future. #dolls #money #rolemodel #realistic #finance #futuredoll #bodyimage #csd #education #financialliteracy

Presto Chango-it works like magic!!

Kid’s can’t sit still? Bring on the Magic Bag!

magic bag

Setting: A large family restaurant with a big menu and casual atmosphere.

Objective:  No cooking, No cleaning. Not leaving with a headache.

Enter: A frazzled Mom holding her young daughter’s hand,  “Come here, Kailee. Sit down, we are going to have dinner. We don’t want to disturb all these nice people trying to eat.”  Mom pulls out a chair, pats the seat, and trys to coax her child to sit down…

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College Savings Dolls first ad in Creative Play (July issue ) Pre-order Creative Child’s Toy of the Year 2014-Deanna & Jessica dolls, sold out-back in stock in August! #dolls #bodyimage #body #csd #saving #futuredoll #toys #creativeplay #women #clt #saving #college #rolemodel

CSD award two awards by Creative Child’s voting panel of educators, parents, and children.

Buy the award winning dolls now @

College Savings Dolls

is so excited to be awarded not one but two prestigious awards from the fabulous

Creative Child Magazine!!

The judging was conducted by educators, parents as well as child centered groups; who played, tested and at handled the Deanna doll gave their opinions and voted to award the doll.

Deanna Creative Child Award 2014

College Highlight: (Creative Child is located in Henderson, NV)


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#1 app @ party last night! Caprese salad picks. #food#party#appetizer#summer #glutenfree#healthy